Our Services

Penetration Testing
Top-tier comprehensive penetration testing services performed by certified, industry-leading consultants for the following specialties:

  • Internal Networks

  • External Facing Infrastructure

  • Cloud Environments

  • Physical Security Controls
  • Red Team Exercises
    Adversary simulations available in two variations:

  • Infiltration - Starting with OSINT and phishing, and aiming for a full network compromise.

  • Assumed Breach - Put your defenses and detections through the ringer with real C2 traffic, privilege escalation checks, Active Directory attacks, evasion techniques, and much more.
  • Web App / API Testing
    Let our experts identify vulnerabilities in your web applications and APIs before the hackers do. Our testing goes beyond automated scans, leveraging manual testing techniques to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Proactive security measures can save you from costly breaches and ensure your systems are resilient to evolving threats.
    Social Engineering
    Stay one step ahead of malicious social engineering tactics. Our tailored services can expose vulnerabilities in your organization's human factor, helping you educate and fortify your employees against targeted phishing and vishing attacks.
    Cloud Configuration Review
    Whether your business is new to the cloud or due for a check up, our team can review your Azure or AWS instances for misconfigurations and security gaps, making recommendations to strengthen your security stance in an ever-evolving threat landscape.
    Security Risk Assessment
    Uncover hidden risks and strengthen your security posture. Our expert team conducts in-depth security risk assessments, assessing your systems, processes, and controls to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure regulatory compliance.


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